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Up above the streets and houses…

sha256(answer) = 562c39d06cad3b7bbde9ce727dd2ca17017757a56738c687fc0e475f24006112


author: Rich Wareham (rjw57)

We are presented with an obvious problem: what has the SHA256 hash of 562c39d06cad3b7bbde9ce727dd2ca17017757a56738c687fc0e475f24006112? The line of text above the question is a lyric from the children's television programme Rainbow and a clue that perhaps a rainbow table would prove useful.

Google is a readily accessible rainbow table and if one Googles the hash in the question, one finds that the answer is "C0rr3ct".

(And for those wondering about the title, I suggest you Google "rainbow twangers".)