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Puzzlehunt 2017

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Holistic 2

Which nodes should we link "A"–"F" to? Give your answer as a six-letter code, e.g. "GHIJKL".


author: Rich Wareham (rjw57)

Like holistic, the graph refers to ways of linking digits to digits. In this case, however, the digits are represented on a seven segment display. (In the original hunt, this was hinted by way of the puzzle icon.)

The digit "0" uses size segments and so "0" → 6. In the same way, "1" → 2, "2" → 5, etc. The question refers literally to "A" through "F", not the nodes. "A" requires size segments, "b" requires 5, etc. It turns out that all of the nodes "A" to "F" link to are unambiguously determined. The answer is "KPIPPI".