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Puzzlehunt 2012

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Sweet as Pie

In order to be considered a good flirt, you are expected to take even the subtlest cues.
/query meloncat



Sunoo Park (sp590)
Matvey Soloviev (ms900)


The commands above are instructions for connecting to an IRC server, and communicating with the meloncat user who turns out to be a bot.

Like many irc chat bots, the bot seemingly randomly constructs sentences using Markov chains, in this case based on the text of The Shadow Over Innsmouth, a Lovecraft novella. However, there is actually a pattern, the first letters of each word spell anothre word. If this word is spoken to the bot, it then moves onto a different pattern. Repeatedly finding the pattern eventually leads to the bot saying the solution.


limecat wants to make melony, melony love to thee

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