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Puzzlehunt 2012

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They say knowing more than one is advisable.


You will require the clues given by at least two predecessors.

You are looking for a QR code. Scan and pay close attention to your environment. If you don't get it, try again.



Ben Webb (bjw45)


For each of the three previous puzzles, we get a pair of co-ordinates. These co-ordinates are outside of the area the puzzlehunt is happening in. However if we join lines between the points, we find they intersect at a point that is in the middle of Cambridge. (All three lines intersect at the same point, so we only need two.)

At this location there is a QR code, and scanning it gives us a message saying simply "Wait and listen". The nearby phonebox has started ringing. Picking up the phone leads to being greeted by a robot voice asking, "Are you a puzzlehunt team?", before saying "The solution to this puzzle is antidisestablishmentarianism. I repeat, the solution to this puzzle is antidisestablishmentarianism." repeatedly, until we hang up.



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