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This looks much like a command from a programming language - and indeed, the essence of this puzzle is to look past the confusion and dadaism and simply stoically follow instructions.

The Maypole is a popular Cambridge pub. Going there and investigating the situation on the ground, a QR code may be found, inscribed with the cryptic and apparently whimsical statement "COMEFROM .USB_LAWN". This is a reference to the jocular COMEFROM statement; some googling or searching the vicinity will eventually reveal that a location called USB lawn (belonging to the Union Society Building) actually exists, and is pointed out by a thus labelled sign. Below this sign, another QR code is hidden. Scanning the USB lawn QR code, followed by the Maypole QR code, provides a satisfactory execution trace, thereby solving the puzzle.


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'; DROP *.*; SELECT ' 2012-06-16 13:50:18.175390
pae8Eerai9 2012-06-16 17:35:08.186757