The puzzlehunt has ended, thanks for playing!
Puzzlehunt 2018

  • Thanks for playing everyone!

  • [5¼pm] Hunt meal 🍛: Dinner is at Wildwood on Bridge Street at 6pm! See ya there!.
  • [4am] Lost in Translation: Be wary of equivocation - what one may discard, another may treasure.
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An intermittent smell of laundry and a sand castle ahead. Onward.

Up and to your left, a visage, a horror. You turn back.

Gold and silver crest above.

A lofty arch draws your gaze and pulls you in. Onward!

Heavenly heights sweep you in their direction. Hurry on!

An angelic vision, sword and scales. To the spot!

Shuttered white draws your gaze. Go there!

They are watching. Don’t be conspicuous, keep moving on.

Now time to tread a forbidden path.

Impenetrable door at your right hand. Drats! Move on.

Writhing snake, bringing light. Shuffle past.

O munificent orb above! Praise be.

But where hath this strange journey brought you?