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Puzzlehunt 2015

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We have intercepted what we believe are two enemy messages! We know that they've been using a one-time pad for encryption, but their dogsbody operatives haven't been observing best practices. We know these messages were encrypted in depth, and we need you to recover the one-time pad so that our cryptanalysts can perform further investigations. Post the sha1sum of the one-time pad to solve this puzzle.

  • 0x014 Maniac Hat Time (13)
  • 0x071 Not just a guess (6)
  • 0x0cd Inspired Creation (9)
  • 0x106 With likelihood (8)
  • 0x166 clue 2 (11)
  • 0x19c Making clean (12)
  • 0x1ce clue 1 (7)